Advanced Practitioners - the first port of call for urgent on the day appointments

Our highly skilled clinical practitioners manage acute (new onset) and urgent conditions. They are available daily and along with an on call GP manage all patients who need same day input. We have invested in employing a team of advance practitioners and over the coming months we are hoping to have access at all site (by end of 2019). One of the main reasons in asking about why people need appointments is to enable booking people into seeing these skilled practitioners appropriately.


Medicine Team

Our expert medicines team includes 2 senior clinical pharmacists, a pharmacy technician and a several highly skilled medicines clerks. The team is the first port of call for any questions with regards to medications such as side effects, changing doses, prescription queries and a whole lot more. They are available by phone, online consulting from the home page and face to face by appointment


  • Mr Paul Davies , pharmacist- available Monday Wednesday and Friday

  • Mrs Rebecca Richardson - pharmacist available most days

  • Mrs Aggie Danson , pharmacy technician  - available every day

  • Mrs Steph Parfitt , medicines clerk - available every day

  • Mrs Maxine Richardson, medicines clerk - available most days


Nursing Team


Practice Nurse - provides chronic disease management and health promotion activities

  • The nursing team is currently undergoing a reconfiguration in order to provide a wide range of services across all sites. Not all nurses do the same things - thats why we ask what the appointments are for and why we have limited online availability.

Healthcare Assisstant (HCA) - perform initial tests and reviews for chronic disease. Provides some immunisations and certain injections

  • We have a skilled team of multiple healthcare assistants. Not all HCAs do the same thing - thats why we ask what people are booking in for. It also limits what can be offered online


Phlebotomist (takes bloods)

  • We have some trained phlebotomists which are used to take the pressure off the Healthcare Assistants

General Practitioners - specilised in managing complex long term conditions


(GP Registrars are fully qualified doctors who are training to specialise in general practice and we have GP Registrars at Forest Hall main site)


Currently we are looking to reconfigure where and when GPs are working across the sites.


  • Dr Simon Kirk    

  • Dr Alison Crossley 

  • Dr Cathy Allison

  • Dr Vini Dewan

  • Dr Claire Chapman

  • Dr James Lunn 

  • Dr Caroline McBride 

  • Dr Amanda Parker 

  • Dr Kathryn Blomfield 

  • Dr Christopher Woolley 

  • Dr Andrew Macrae 

  • Dr Emma Bloom

  • Dr Farhan Hussain 

We also utilise regular locum GP who ehlp on days when we have reduced numbers of regular doctors. These include, but are not limited to : 

Dr Gautam Marwah

Dr Robert Parkin

Dr Catherine Hutchinson



Practice Manager - The practice manager is involved in managing all of the business aspects of the practice such as making sure that the right systems are in place to provide a high quality of patient care, human resources, finance, patient safety, premises and equipment and information technology.


  • Mrs Jo Reynolds and Mrs Ann Crosby


Secretary - Co-ordinates referrals and rotas. They are the point of contact for any queries with repect to referrals


  • There is secretarial support for all sites. To speak to the secretaries phone the surgery


Admin Manager - coordinates the running of the back office, first port of call for patients wanting to raise concerns­



Available at each site




We have a highly skilled team to compliment the above staff including clinical coders who process the hundreds of documents we recieve each week and Quality Managers who deal with recalls and reports.­